Welcome to the journey

Walking meditation in Kauai

This website focuses equally on the where and the why of travel. It is devoted to an exploration of the “inner traveler,” to the attitude, thought, emotion and behavior of traveling and I'd like to be your guide.  I’ve been an avid traveler and a practicing psychologist for decades, skilled in bringing out the wisdom of the curious.

What do all travels have in common?  Wherever you go you’ve got yourself along.  Your mind, psyche, emotions, memories, unique observations and perspectives, personal style, worries, hopes and history are right there with you making any travel uniquely yours for better or for worse.  Your travel can be frustrating, satisfying, exciting, or transformative.  I want to help you make it extraordinary.

No two travelers to the same place, even at the same time, share the same experience.  Your personal demographics including your age, where you’re from, your cultural background and stage in life will all play a role in your inner-travel experience as you explore the outer world.  

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to some principles that enhance travel and to guide you to select travel goals that increase your psychological well-being.  This is the corner in cyber-space where travel, mindfulness and psychology meet.  This is where you will learn to optimize your travel experience no matter where you go.  

Contact: doc@inwardtraveler.com