About me

I am your travel guide, born with wanderlust and curiosity but keeping this quality in check for many years to lead a more conventional life as a clinical psychologist. Unlike superman who changed between his identities in a phone booth, I've tried to integrate mine by thinking like a psychologist  to understand why we travel and to make it a more delicious and mindful experience.

On the surface it's obvious that travel supplies us with a change of scene, a time out from the day-to-day business of life, and an opportunity to explore the outer world as well as the inner self.  No matter where you go, the way you attend to and focus on any element of your experience can enhance your travel and increase your satisfaction as well as your memories.  As a psychologist I want to help you engage in this process to derive the maximum benefit out of every travel excursion.  

My entire career has been dedicated to helping others manage and improve their lives in my work as a teacher, University faculty member, psychotherapist, researcher, writer, book author and consultant.  All the while I've traveled throughout the world seeking beauty, history, an understanding of diverse cultures, the wonders of nature and always and everywhere, an increased awareness and knowledge of myself.  

Now I wish to share my awareness and observations with you. My newest book, Inward Traveler: 51 Ways to Explore the World Mindfully was published 10/1/18.

Contact: doc@inwardtraveler.com