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Inward Traveler: 51 Ways to Explore the World Mindfully by Francine Toder, Ph.D. is an insightful book that helps readers to find ways to sense the world deeply and in the present moment, which requires a shift from the usual distracted schedule of a 21st century lifestyle. It is not the usual, conventional travel book which speaks about the food, culture, and places of interest. Instead, this book gives tips on how to have an enriching travel experience though heightened attention and soaking in the experiences. The travel stories, anecdotes, and metaphors in the book help readers to explore the process of living fully in the moment during all travels, be these short or long. The book helps readers to bathe in the positive experiences encountered while traveling, and helps readers discover their thoughts, feelings, and sensations while investigating the world around them.

This unconventional approach to a relevant topic makes the book a refreshing read and will help readers look at the process of traveling and discovering new places with a different perspective. The prompts in each of the chapters will help readers in their journey and explorations to focus on the inner experience to enhance their quality of life. I like the way the author has woven the elements of positive psychology and Buddhist principles into each chapter, giving a meditative vibe to the entire book. The photographs and illustrations complement and add clarity to the author's words and concept. This book will help readers to make their travels contemplative, to focus on their breathing, and completely immerse their senses in what is happening. The quiz at the end is fun and interactive and works well when it comes to finding the travel style of each person reading this book.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite--5 star review 

Inward Traveler gives readers ideas and tools to experience journeys of any dimension. Whether local or long distance, it's an exploration away from the ordinary and sameness, by reimagining how to feel and see the world of places and people in new ways. 

Virginia Kidd, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Communication Studies, California State University Sacramento