Cruising Part 2

When I was young cruising provided the wealthy with a sumptuous and leisurely way to travel.  Today there's something for everyone!  While the luxurious ambiance of the Titanic is still available on the top tier cruise lines, the rest of us can still find what we need on almost any ship.

What is it that you need?  Here's one idea: If your time and money are in limited supply but you need a getaway that is peaceful and serene with the constant smell and sound of the ocean then a "repositioning" cruise might be your answer. Recently I saw an ad from the Holland American Line for such a four-day cruise from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, Canada.  It's ridiculously inexpensive but it doesn't stop at any ports.  

Your purpose in taking such a brief cruise is to de-stress by letting go of everything in the external world since once you are aboard you can fully let go of all responsibilities.  Take your meals in a formal setting or in your stateroom depending on your mood.  Swim or watch the ocean from a deck chair.  Get your workout at the onboard gym or indulge in a spa treatment.  It's all available.

This time of year there are a multitude of repositioning cruises.  The ships that crisscrossed the Caribbean in the fall and winter are going North.  The season for Mexican cruises is winding down and these vessels are headed to Alaska by way of Long Beach, San Francisco and British Columbia.  Even one way Atlantic crossings  are available  allowing for days and days of ocean views, as ships make their way to Scandinavia and Russia after letting you off in Southampton or Amsterdam.  If you are craving days of quiet, with no ports to distract you and at a surprisingly low price, a one-way ticket from the U.S. east coast to England may be just what you need.  Remember for the Inward Traveler it's the journey not the destination that matters most.