Developing a new time perspective 

As my vacation time winds down I am acutely aware of my attempts to preserve, no, expand every remaining moment.  I take mental snapshots of everything I see in this tropical paradise - my favorite Hawaiian island - Kauai. Still, the present quickly becomes the past. 

I'm reminded of Phil Zimbardo's (emeritus professor at Stanford University) new book The Time Paradox, and his explanation of time perspectives. According to his profile I am future oriented - no surprise to me, or anyone who knows me.  Those of us in this category are goal driven, focused on the future consequences of our actions and forward looking in general.  As you might guess, present-hedonic folks are the pleasure seekers who enjoy the present, with less concern about tomorrow. Past oriented people make up the remaining category, but this orientation is less important to this discussion.

Another dimension that informs this blog is age related. In general, children are present oriented while adults favor the future.  Our seniors tend to preserve the past.  As a future focused senior I'm increasingly putting my foot on the brake, trying to prolong the present and particularly the pleasant moments of this vacation. Savoring the present is an acquired skill that I'm trying to perfect! In expanding the present-pleasant and then reviewing this trip in the past-positive I can have even more good feelings and pleasurable memories.

For a full account of the role of time in our well being check out Zimbardo's book,