Favorite Ferry Rides

The Society of American Travel Writers just selected the world’s top 10 ferry rides.  I was pleased to see that some of my favorites were on this list.  Their top choice was the Star Ferry in Hong Kong.  I remember the quick and easy transport between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island and the incredible skyline visible in both directions. 

My memories of Hong Kong are very intense; a place that is both exotic and down to earth. Shopping on Nathan Street, and being caught in a huge crowd of people, was like being propelled on a train that you couldn’t exit.  I’m told it is one of the best shopping districts in the world: the most upscale stores and boutiques side-by-side with Chinese tailors and traditional Eastern and Near Eastern mom and pop shops.  And not far from there, the “Night Market,” so called because it doesn’t come to life until around 10 pm daily, attracts the locals who can buy anything while getting their fortunes told by caged birds that peck at cards. 

Since I’m not a shopper I much preferred the natural beauty of Victoria Peak and the tram ride that ascends the summit of the mountain to the highest point on Hong Kong Island in eight minutes.  Something for everyone!  One more thing; thinking about ferries brings back earlier memories of the boat that runs between Brooklyn and Staten Island, straight out of my childhood.  It cost 15 cents back then and was the closest thing I can remember to a vacation!