Olfactory Memories are Powerful

Sipping apple tea brings back memories of the enormous spice market in Istanbul. The aroma, the taste and even the color of the tea are strong reminders of my recent trip to Turkey.  The olfactory sense, the most primitive of our five senses, produces memories that are incredibly powerful.  This is the one human sense that is highly developed in children and loses its power over the course of growing up.  My childhood memories include the smell of fresh baked bread in my grandmother’s apartment and I savor that memory which brings back the warmth of my grandma. But I digress. 

In Istanbul the spice market, the size of ten football stadiums, caused all kinds of olfactory memories that rekindle my travel experience whenever I drink apple tea in my Turkish demitasse cup.  Do you have olfactory memories linked to your travel?  Can you use these to recall or re-live your time in that place?  How can you use this savoring to create pleasure at this very moment?