"Performing" at a travel destination

I volunteered at the 2009 Senior (Olympic) Games held at Stanford University a few weeks ago.  Ten thousand athletes between the ages of fifty and one hundred years old traveled here, some from great distances, to perform their sport.  Take the ninety-five year old racquetball contender who plays with razor focus.  He says nothing will keep him away from future games until his knees buckle. What an inspiration!  For most this is their once-a-year "vacation" spent training for and competing on the track, court, field, course or pool.  This event is jam packed, hectic, adrenaline infused but tremendously exciting and rewarding for it's participants as well as for spectators and volunteers.  When it's time to go home these folks will savor and relish the memories: the stories, the games, and the reunion with old buddies.  This will sustain their high for a couple of years before the next round takes place (Houston in 2011 - see sidebar).