Travel reminisced 

Travel remembered is almost as good as the real thing.  Remembering, activates the same part of the brain as does visual perception.  Recently, I was reading about the completion of the giant dam in China, known as the Three Gorges Water Control Project in Hubei Province. I remembered the urgency of my trip down the Yangtze River to see the old villages on it's banks, before being flooded and gone forever, a sad byproduct of the dam's construction.  Suddenly I am transported back to 2002, sitting on a deck chair on the Victoria Lines Yangtze River boat.  As my mind scans for the encapsulated memory,  my brain accommodates with a pristine set of pictures, thoughts and feelings. The ancient Buddhist churches, archaeological ruins, the small peasant rice farms, and the hanging caskets from the sides of the hills still seem quite real.  The Yangtze River remains fascinating but the sights of life along the banks exist only in my memory.  Find your travel memory.  You can do this too. At a time when real-time travel may seem to expensive, travel reminisced may be just the right thing!