Trying out new behavior

I was about to go on my first ocean kayaking adventure while recently vacationing in Hawaii.  It made me think that though this isn't exactly high-risk behavior it  highlights how predictable most of us are in day-to-day life and how we are wIilling to do uncharacteristic things on vacation. 

Recent research confirms that by age thirty our palates prefer familiar foods.  We become less and less comfortable with new and exotic foods.  The same can be said for the activities we engage in on a regular basis.  But did you ever notice how you suspend your business-as-usual mindset when you travel?

We free ourselves from the constraints that usually apply.  We allow ourselves more latitude to explore, to notice, to consciously choose new options.  Without the predictable cues that pervade our daily lives, we can suspend the same old responses and be more open to engaging in new and maybe novel behavior.

What new out-of-the-box experiences did you have on your last vacation?  Did you "zip-line" in Costa Rica, ride horses on a dude ranch, motorcycle, motor scooter or drive an ATV vehicle in the desert, or have a spa treatment?  How can you bring your experience home and incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle?

Start by: 1) noticing how many of your pleasurable activities seldom happen; 2) identifying a pleasurable activity associated with a past trip; 3) determining if an equivalent is available where you live; 4) finding time, at least once, for this activity.  And if it results in good feelings, see how you can make it happen again.