Why Cruise

Travel can sometimes feel so much like work that we are distracted from the experience itself. Occasionally we just need simplicity and relaxation - not too much to think about, forget decision making, in order to free our minds to focus inward. At those times we may wish to be taken care of, pampered and nurtured to expend energy on only the best parts. If this is your current state of mind then a cruise vacation may be right for you. 

I know there are strong feelings held by those who avoid cruising. I understand the limitations of a day in each port and the absence of the immersion experience that takes place in an extended stay in one place. Still, cruising has been my favorite mode of travel for the past decade. And now as I consider my next cruise destination, somewhere in the Southern hemisphere maybe South America or the land "down under," just contemplating the delicious options begins to melt my tension away.  

Maybe it's a stage in life thing - the concern about running out of time when there are so many places to learn about.  Maybe I'm done with stress filled hectic days scanning train schedules, getting to regional airport, driving through cities that don't value the "right of way" and taxis inventing new routes.  I grew up in New York City and don't need to revisit that experience!  Maybe it's the ease and simplicity of ship travel- nothing to do but get off my floating hotel and explore.  While cruising from Lisbon to Barcelona years ago, I woke one morning to find the Rock of Gibraltar literally outside of my balcony.  What an awesome sight!  

So back to why cruising is an excellent choice.  The recent economic meltdown created great bargains at all levels of cruise travel.  For example, you can go cheaply, moderately or lavishly on the same boat going to the same destination and offering the same cuisine and on-board amenities. Five or six star hotels are renowned for exceptional services but so are the best of the cruise lines. Ordinarily low cost precludes high quality but a low priced cabin on a good ship comes with all the same services.  With this mode of travel you can have it all: keep cost low and be indulged at the same time while having someone else worry about the itinerary and transportation. 

Be mindful of your travel goals and priorities. If floating from place to place is appealing and if luxury at bargain prices is a necessity right now this is a no brainer. Look for more detail about choosing a cruise line in an upcoming blog.